Tarot and Crystal Associations

Tarot and Crystal Associations

This section links the symbolism of the Major Arcana Tarot cards with the crystals or minerals that align with the energy of the card.

Journey, trust in the Universe, the child-within, new beginnings
Blue lace agate

Magician - Consciousness, Conscious mind, directing the will
Clear quartz, opal

High Priestess - Intuition, subconscious, dreams, the bridge between our conscious and Higher selves
Pearl, azurite, chalcedony

Empress - Fertility, nurturance, unconditional love, looking at the world as web of relationships
Rose quartz, chrysoprase, morganite, turquoise

Emperor - Structure, order, rules, protector and provider

Hierophant - Librarian, keeper of knowledge, matters of faith, religion, belief and morality
Lapis, sugilite, diamond

Lovers - Relationship, love
Pink tourmaline, emerald

Chariot - Motion, balancing opposing forces to work together

Lust / Strength - Courage, enthusiasm with the whole life process
Garnet, ruby

Hermit - Integrity, finding one’s own way, self-knowledge
Sodalite, sapphire, blue tourmaline

Wheel of Fortune - Cycles, pattern, luck
Tigers eye

Adjustment / Justice - Evaluation, balance, Karmic law

Hanged Man - Altered consciousness

Death - Transformation, sweeping away of the past black

Art / Temperance - Balance, the union and harmonization of opposites

Devil - Shadow self, instinctual urge

Tower - Cataclysmic force, explosion of false self
Boji stones

Star - Renewal, healing, hope
Meteorites, celestite

Sun - Healing, happiness
Sunstone, topaz

Moon - Natural cycles and rhythms
Moonstone, selenite

Aeon / Judgment - Re-Evaluation, the consequences of your actions 

Universe / World - Accomplishment, reward for our earlier efforts infinite

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