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Welcome to Angel Paths

Welcome to Angel Paths, which started in 1997 as a place for learning Tarot and has been providing Tarot resources ever since.

The site has recently been redesigned, and the information reorganised, but we still have all of Jan's free Tarot information available. 

We are now selling various tarot decks and other mystical items on eBay - please search for user eleanor_r_miller to see what's for sale today!

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Tuesday 16th Jul 2024

The Priestess


Tarot Section

Learn the Tarot with Angel Paths

Here you will find a complete guide to learning, understanding and interpreting Tarot cards. There are also Tarot spreads, with tips about how to use different layouts and sample Tarot readings. The Tarot card of the day, many images of individual decks, reviews of decks, articles about Tarot and mystical matters in general, and a Tarot FAQs can also be found here.

A complete guide to learning, interpreting and understanding the Tarot cards.

Healing Section

Healing with Angel Paths

For many years, Jan ran a Healing Team through the Angel Paths community. Although this is sadly no longer operating, a wealth of information was built up on the theme of Healing, in areas such as colour and crystal healing, which is collated under the Healing Section.


View the collection of healing resources.

Healing Resources

Celebration Of Love

Our great Celebration of Love section invites you to join us in a joyous salute to this most powerful of human emotions.

Celebration of Love

Wheel of the Year

The Wheel of the Year section containes eight articles, written by Jan and Graham, exploring each of the traditional Sabbat Celebrations that occur throughout the year.

Wheel of the Year

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