Description: turquoise ;-) sky blue or green nodules
Energy: receptive, venus, earth 
Chakra : throat 
Properties: wise, relaxing, tranquil

Turquoise is revered by many ancient cultures as it symbolizes the connection between the Earth and the sky. Its tranquil feel may remind you of meditating on a cloudless expanse of blue. Calming the spirit, turquoise connects us with the wisdom of the ages.

You'll find that people with an affinity for wearing this stone have a definite aura about them. Turquoise is a very personal stone and it is said you'll know your stone when you find it. Do be aware there are many "fakes" sold as turquoise - mostly chrysocolla or dyed howlite.

In healing with turquoise, we can expect to feel slightly uplifted yet centered. It will soothe nervous exhaustion, and emotional shock. Worn long term, it can ease the onset of panic attacks.

Use with other stones:
Amethyst for stress. Moss agate for immune system support. As a trinity with labradorite and rose quartz for trauma and crisis.

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