Description: variety of feldspar which exibits a chatoyancy when polished. Can be white, gray, blue or peach
Energy: receptive, moon, venus
Chakra: primarliy the brow and sacral though it can be used on any (base chakra does not seem to have an affinity for it)
Properties: reflective, soothing, harmonizing

Moonstone is related to our emotions and relationships. A gentle, soothing stone for when we are feeling over-wrought. Using moonstone, we are taken deep within our emotions and healed with empathy. Its passive nature is a perfect antidote for an agressive personality.

This stone supports a connection with the goddess and the moon. Many women find wearing moonstone is beneficial for hormone/menstrual issues. Elementally related to water, it will offset "too much" fire or earth in the astrological chart.

Frequently used to increase psychic ability, but care should be taken not to fall prey to illusion.

Use with other stones: 
Iolite and moonstone for psychism (best as earrings or necklace), amethyst for dreaming, rose quartz for heartache.

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