Description: transparent sea blue beryl 
Energy: receptive, water, neptune, air, high octave venus
Chakra: throat, heart
Properties: inspiration, courage, purification

Aquamarine is known as the gem of the sea, and legends say that it is the treasure of mermaids, with the power to keep sailors safe at sea.

With this stone, we can open to other forms of consciousness and “go with the flow”. Our role in the dramas around us become very apparent. There is a very supportive sense of freedom which lets us pursue our path with courage and fortitude, free from outside influences of others.

A gentle purifier we can safely use anywhere on the body to release stress. It alleviates all problems with the throat. The blue-green color connects the heart and throat charkas, so that we may speak from the heart.

Aquamarine is very forgiving and helps us to release expectations.

Use with other stones:
Use with moonstone to acknowledge changing cycles; lapis for greater insight; the combination of aquamarine and pearl is for those with an affinity with the sea.

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