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For many years, Jan ran a Healing Team through the Angel Paths community. Although this is sadly no longer operating, a wealth of information was built up on the theme of Healing, especially in Colour Healing and Crystal Healing.

Healing With Colour

Colour affects us all. We respond to the atmosphere which a colour creates around us. Colour is capable of healing us as well. Since ancient times, colour and light have been used by healers.

It is now thought that the reason for this is that the human energy system is very responsive to light. Light is made up of the full spectrum of colours - the rainbow.

Jan's Colour Harmonics Foundation trained colour analysts and therapists throughout the 90’s. The Foundation was closed down in the late 90’s but Jan published the Introduction to Colour Harmonics on the Angel Paths website.

Crystal Healing

We are very grateful to Kelle Cross for providing her knowledge and experience on the area of Crystals and Healing. Her information includes an index of crystals with pictures and information on how to use each crystal; an easy guide to crystal gridding; and a list of crystal correspondences to each of the Major Arcana.

The Lesser Banishing Ritual

This exercise cleanses the space over which you perform it, and banishes negative influences from your sphere. It can also be used as a protective device in any situation where you feel threatened. You will find it a useful process to carry out when you feel uneasy in your surroundings, when you feel that the atmosphere has been polluted, or when you are feeling vulnerable and unhappy.

The Aura Exercise

This exercise is designed to energise and protect your aura.

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