Crystal Grids


Crystal Grids

Crystal grids can be used for many purposes or manifestations. They can be small enough to fit on a table top or as big as our yard/garden. We can use just a few stones or hundreds! “Grid” is the name we are most familiar with as Reiki has become more popular, but many different paths use crystals set in geometric patterns and call them by different names - grids, nets, fairy circles, medicine wheels, earth altars, and stone circles are but just a few. The ancient art of laying on of stones is crystal gridding. It is very simply, gridding on and around a person.

Anyone can use crystal grids. You do not have to construct elaborate rituals or be a Reiki practioner. Grids set up by those adept at channeling energy will hold a charge longer and have to be empowered less often, but even children love to play with stones and set them in patterns they find appealing. I prefer to work with simple patterns or mandalas, but your way may differ. Despite what some crystal workers may say, I do not believe there is one “right” way of making a grid. I encourage you to be intuitive and creative. The only real “rule” in making grids is that our intent be clear.

The easiest form to work with is a four stone grid. You will need four stones and a centerpiece. You may also want to use a quartz point, kyanite blade, or selenite wand to connect the stones and activate the grid, but this is not absolutely necessary.

Typically the centerpiece is another stone, or a quartz point. It can also be a representation or symbol that serves as the focus for the work. This may be a rune or tarot card, a picture of a great teacher or a guru, the name of a person needing healing, a flower – listen to your inner guidance. If you are gridding your property, then the centerpiece is your house. With this very basic layout, there are two ways you can set the stones:

four directions

four corners

The steps to setting up a grid are really just good crystal working practices. First we will want to set our intent because this will affect the stones we chose to work with. Not simply the kind of crystal/mineral/stone, but also which stones. You can word your intent any way you like. “This is a grid to protect my home and family”, is perfectly sufficient. Maybe you want to work for personal healing. “This is a grid for healing the traumas of my past” may work for you. Affirmations work nicely as well. Just be sure your intent is clear, and clearly stated. Say your intent to yourself a few times to set it firmly in your mind. While holding your intent in mind, go through your stones. Some of us will want to pour over books for stones that support our purpose, but do not feel like you have to. We often already know what we need. Some people like to ask for volunteers. Watch for stones that seem to shine in a special way, talk to you, or seem to jump and down to catch your attention.

The stones you use must be squeaky clean and free of any previous programming. If they aren’t already, use your normal method for cleaning and clearing the stones.

When you are ready to set up the grid, start by cleansing and clearing your space with some sage or other incense. Don’t forget to cleanse yourself – simply waft some smoke from the incense all around yourself.

Now we are prepared to work. Make sure you will not be interrupted. Light a candle if you like. Play some music if that suits you. Get comfortable.

Crystals work best when we empower them. Some call this programming. It is really very easy. Use whatever method you normally use to ground and center yourself. Grounding is very important. Use your normal protection method, or invite the presence of your guardians or guides. Now sit and hold each stone, one at a time, in your dominant hand (right for righties, left for lefties) and say your intent a few times. Intuition will let you know when each stone has taken the programming.

When you feel ready, lay stones in the pattern you previously decided. Do what feels most right to you. If it feels right to lay the centerpiece first, then stones 1, 2, 3, 4 – do that. If it feels more right to lay the centerpiece last, do that. This is your creation!

Now spend some time connecting with the grid you have made. This will activate the grid. Really feel the energies! You may see lines connecting each stone with one another to make a whole. You may see your space begin to fill with light. Some people like to activate the grid by taking a quartz point (or kyanite, or selenite) and connecting the stones by tracing a line beginning at the number 1 stone. Some people will tell you this is the only way to activate the grid. I promise you it is not.

Let your intuition guide you as to when its time to disconnect and let the stones and the universe take over. When you feel done, disconnect, touch the ground or floor, thank and release any guardians or guides, and rest assured all is well and go on about your day.

Spend some time each day connecting with your grid and its purpose. This will keep your intention in your attention, and activate the grid.

It really is that easy!

Written by Kelle

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