Description: translucent stone in mostly seen in pale shades of green, blue, lilac. Can also be seen in vivid violets, clear, or a combination of green and violet called "rainbow" flourite
Energy: projective
Chakra: primarily the brow, match color with chakra
Properties: organized, innovative, coordinated

Fluorite is an important balancer. It aids objective thinking and a clear overview. It can bring order to chaotic thinking and quell disruptive emotions. Memory may be improved. Higher realities may be glimpsed. 
Some fluorite occurs in a natural octahedron or double pyramid. This form is exceptional at connecting spirit with the physical plane, inner and outer awareness or two sides of an issue. Great strides can be made in personal understanding of duality.

Cleanses the aura and rids it of unwanted energies, especially undue mental interference from others. Violet in particular changes the way the body accepts life force.

Use with other stones: 
Fluorite can open the way for use with others stones and help us to be more receptive to their energies.

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