Clear Quartz

Quartz crystal (clear quartz)

Description: colorless, transparent variety of quartz
Energy: androgynous, sun/moon, projective/receptive
Chakra: all
Properties: consciousness, healing, psychism, energy

Clear quartz crystal appears in almost all traditions of religious and shamanistic systems. A tool for the healer used for thousands of years, it remains enormously popular today. Volumes have been written about quartz!

Quartz is the most versatile healing stone. Work with quartz to detoxify, protect and energize. When used with intent, the charkas can be aligned and holes in the aura healed. Channeling a clear, vibrant light, quartz supports expansion of our consciousness and awakening of our psychism. The brow and crown charkas are stimulated to aid in meditation. Placed under the pillow, it produces psychic dreams and increases dream recall.

Tools such as tarot cards, rune stones etc can be stored with quartz to increase their power and protect them from outside influences, while not in use. Quartz can be stored with herbs or added to tinctures to strengthen them.

Use with other stones
Quartz can be used with almost all stones. It will cleanse and recharge other stones, and in many cases is preferred over other methods.

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