Working with The Eight of Swords

A day which is ruled by the Lord of Interference is bound to present some difficulties. However, as with all Tarot cards, the Eight of Swords carries with it the means of dealing with any obstacles or problems which appear.

The first thing to recognise is that anybody's life has the occasional bump - we would never get anywhere if it did not. Bumps can be caused by all kinds of different things - people, our own attitudes, astrological influences...the possibilities for interference are boundless.

Make sure you're not going around in circles attempting to make a decision through a sense of duty or guilt. That often causes problems when this card is around.

Finally keep your eyes open for anyone else who may be deliberately stepping in your path. Often when somebody interferes, merely recognising what they are doing robs their actions of any power over us.

However - whatever the source of the problem is, the message of the Eight of Swords is clear. Don't rush to fight with things that are not currently going your way - you'll almost certainly fail. Go and find something else to do instead. There will be a better time to deal with the things that are in your way today.

Don't waste your energy hacking away at something that may be better cleared up tomorrow. Don't frustrate yourself by banging on a door that just will not open. Rely on the idea that things will ease off, and that you will deal with them better for not having wasted hours on them today!

The Eight of Swords

Affirmation: "I skilfully direct my energies into the things that will make most difference."

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