Working with The Seven of Swords

When the Lord of Futility rules the day we are, inevitably, in for a bit of a tough few hours. Work will tend to pile up, and conspire against our best efforts to get through it all. We will often feel as though we don't want to work, as well, which of course will make everything feel worse.

We might also fall into the trap of worrying unnecessarily about things that haven't yet happened, and probably never will. This wastes our energy and makes us feel despondent and futile.

So - what to do? For a start, we need to ensure we take our senses of humour to work with us again! We also need to look at any pressing fears or worries and ask ourselves if, realistically we actually KNOW we have something to worry about. If we are objective and honest when we answer the question, very often we'll find we are feeling down in the mouth, and are actively looking for things to get anxious around. We can do this just to try to take control of a day on which we feel out of control. And it probably does us no good at all.

And anyhow - remember - what you put your attention on grows. Worry about your bank overdraft, and it will get bigger. Worry about your mound of work and it will increase. Worry about whether a disaster is just around the corner and you'll invite one!!

Next - accept in your heart that not every day is trouble free and hassle-less. And also accept your power to maximise or minimise the hassles you experience. The less trouble things give you, despite their troublesome nature, the easier the most awkward of days will go.

Finally, on a day ruled by the SevenĀ of Swords, don't bite off more than you can chew. Even if all you manage is a minor nibble around your work, that's more than you would have done if you'd spent the day feeling overwhelmed and overworked. And recognise, at a very conscious level, that every single task you complete on a day like this took as much effort as a major triumph on an easy day - so give yourself just as many pats on the back as you would have otherwise!

Oh yes, and just one other thing - remember there's only a 78-1 chance of this card coming up again tomorrow!!

The Seven of Swords

Affirmation: "I centre my attention on the task before me, and complete it with ease."

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