Working with The Six of Swords

Part of the inner lore of the Lord of Science is depicted most clearly on the Ryder Waite deck of Tarot cards, where you will find that a family sits in a small boat, which is being poled across a river by the father of the family. This is a symbolic journey away from the Land of Unreason to the Promised Land (you'll notice the connection here with the exodus of the Jews from Egypt).

And it is within this hidden lore that we can discover much about the influence of the Six of Swords. Interpretatively, the card indicates a period where the querent is sailing into safe haven after having had a bit of a bumpy ride. There is a sense of tranquillity and ease... a lifting of burdens... a time for rest and recovery here.

The concept of crossing the river is one that turns up again and again in mythology. Psychologically, the river can be taken to indicate the flow of the subconscious, emotional Self, whilst the fragile craft in which we travel may be taken as the strivings we make toward spirituality. This can often be tossed about by rapid flowing, ever-changing feelings... but in the end, with sufficient determination, we can indeed reach the shores on the farther side of the river.

So, on a day ruled by the Lord of Science, we need to regard ourselves as moving into calmer waters. Problems must be approached rationally, and objectively. Emotional swings will be better curbed than indulged. Thus we shall find new and different solutions to difficulties.

We shall see things clearly, get issues into sharp focus and perhaps establish new perspectives. We must strive to climb for the higher ground, so as to get an overview on life which allows us to see its overall pattern.

Reach for whatever you consider to be the Gods on a day like today... tretch upwards and outwards, and attempt to consciously make contact with the Higher Powers of our Universe. Try to get a broader perspective on the whole idea of life... And allow your tensions to slide away, minimised by the grand view you are able to achieve!

The Six of Swords

Affirmation: "I see unity and celebrate union."

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