The Lesser Banishing Ritual


The Lesser Banishing Ritual

This exercise cleanses the space over which you perform it, and banishes negative influences from your sphere. It can also be used as a protective device in any situation where you feel threatened. You will find it a useful process to carry out when you feel uneasy in your surroundings, when you feel that the atmosphere has been polluted, or when you are feeling vulnerable and unhappy.

At first, the exercise must be worked physically, because this is the best method of learning the process, and creates the strongest form of the exercise in terms of results. The size of Circle enscribed (and therefore the space cleansed and protected) may be contracted or enlarged with practice. You can create a tiny Circle around yourself to strengthen and harden the aura, or alternatively cast a wide Circle to enclose a house, say. However, be aware that the further you attempt to throw the Circle the greater will be the power required to erect and maintain it.

The exercise consists of four parts:- 
ONE Quabbalistic Cross 
TWO Enscription of the Pentagrams 
THREE Invocation of the Archangel 
FOUR Quabbalistic Cross

So now we'll look at how to do each part and then put it all together at the end.

ONE - How to perform the Quab Cross
You work the Cross before and after the rest of the process in order to ensure your own balance.

Firstly, extend the first two fingers on the right hand.

Touch your forehead, and say:
"Ateh" (A-tay)

Touch groin, and say:
"Malkuth" (Mal- koot)

Touch right shoulder and say:
"Ve geburah" (Vay geb-oo-rah)

Touch left shoulder and say:
"Ve gedulah" (Vay ged-you-lah)

Touch heart and say:
"Leolam" (Lay-oh-lahm)

Cross arms on chest with hands to shoulders (right arm over left) and say:

You have drawn a cross over your body, and said "You are (yourself) the Kingdom, the Power and the Glory, forever and ever, Amen" You may note the familiarity of these words...!

Having conquered the movements and words, you must now build up a visualisation to go with the actions. Without the visualisation, the Cross has less power and effectiveness. When you touch your forehead, imagine that there is a sphere of light above your head. When you draw your hand down to the groin, you also draw down the golden light from the sphere. Visualise this as a ray of light which spreads all the way down through your legs, and penetrates the ground beneath your feet. When you draw your hand from shoulder to shoulder, as you cross the midpoint where the ray of light penetrates you, imagine that it floods out sideways in both directions. Your body is now centred on a glowing golden cross. Hold this image for a few seconds until you can feel the energy of the visualisation permeating your physical body.

TWO Enscription of the Pentagrams 
The enscription of the pentagrams is performed at each quarter of the Circle, and a Godname is sounded in each pentagram to empower it.

A pentagram is a five-pointed star. Each of the points belongs to a given Element. You require the Earth Banishing Pentagram (this banishes in the Element of Earth, and therefore removes mundane and material influences from your sphere). It is enscribed in the following fashion:-

Using the first two fingers of your right hand as in the Quabbalistic Cross, extend the arm and, beginning in line with the left hip, draw a line which ends in front of your forehead. Then extend the line down to your right hip. Now continue to enscribe across to opposite your left shoulder. Move your arm horizontally to opposite the right shoulder and then back down to your original starting point before the left hip. Then pierce the pentagram in its centre and sound the appropriate godname.

THREE Invocation of the Archangel 
The invocation of the Archangels is performed in the centre of the cleansed area because in performing the enscription of pentagrams you have created a kind of vacuum, a place in which no influence exists. Therefore you need to fill it with something beneficial.

OK, FOUR is the same as ONE so let's put it all together.

Facing East, work the Quabbalistic Cross. Then stand in the centre of the working area and extend the right hand, first two fingers outstretched and turn slowly around, drawing a Circle in the air. Envisage this as either a stream of glowing blue-white light or as flames, flowing from the fingertips.

Again, facing East, enscribe the first Earth Banishing pentagram in the air, visualising it in light or fire.

Pierce the middle and vibrate the godname:

JHVH (Ya-HOE-wah) or (Yah-WAY)

Keeping the arm outstretched, turn to face the Southern Quarter, and enscribe the next pentagram.

ADNI (ADD-on-eye)

Turn to face the Western Quarter, and enscribe the pentagram.

EHIH (Eh-HEE-yay)

Turn to face the Northern quarter and enscribe the pentagram.


Turn again to face the East, and stand with arms outstretched, palms upwards. Maintain the visualisation of the Circle and the pentagrams in your mind.

Say the following: "Before me, Raphael, Behind me, Gabriel, On my right hand, Michael, And on my left hand, Auriel, About me flame the pentagrams And above my head shines the six-rayed star."

Then complete the Quabbalistic Cross.

The Lesser Banishing Ritual should be completed every morning and evening after sunrise and sunset, and thereafter at any other time when you feel you need to either strengthen your defences or to cleanse the inner area. You will become more and more proficient at its performance with practice.

Once you are proficient at constructing personal LBR's you may extend the area you cover with it, by visualising the stream of light flowing further out away from your body. In this way you can cover relatively large areas.

You may also construct LBR's around things like cars, before starting a journey. Sit inside and raise the defence, then off you go!

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