Element of Earth


The Element of Earth

Suit: Disks, Coins, Pentacles, Deniers.

Finance, money, business, home life, domesticity, family and basic material security come under the dominion of Earth. Inheritance, growth and riches are covered along with our overall material security. In Earth we build our foundation of security, both in terms of finances and our family and friends. With a secure base we can reach up with confidence and attain our highest goals. Without it we are insecure and lack confidence. The other elements are said to rest upon Earth for this reason.

Earth is also obviously connected with Mother Earth, Nature and the planet itself. Anything which has solid form is covered by Earth, even if it has extra connections with other elements. In Earth we find fertility, conception, the Seasons and Cycle of Life.

Experiencing mundane life is not about boring and dull things! Mundane life means everything "of earthly life" - success at work, payrises, buying and selling, the overall family environment - these are all about mundane life and this suit. Controlling the Element of Earth gives us a head-start on all our projects and activities.

People described as "Earth-types" tend to be practical and steady, regarding material security as the point from which to build their lives. The men are steady, loyal, reliable and diligent. The women are quiet, gentle, domesticated and concerned mainly with family and home. We can all find ourselves going through "earthing" periods in our lives where we reflect these Earth types closely.

Earth is a passive element. This is because material matters are the end product of the Will (Fire) and the Intellect (Air). When something manifests into life, it does so as a natural consequence of our earlier efforts, and so this is passive in nature. For example, say you want a pay rise an you plan the best way to achieve this and devote yourself to achieving it. The planning is an intellectual activity (Air), the devotion to achieving it is fueled by your willpower (Fire) and the end result of the payrise is part of Earth. Additionally, the pleasure in getting what you planned so well for and worked so hard for belongs to our emotions (Water).

So there you have Earth, the suit which helps us with all aspects of our material world.

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