Working with The Seven of Disks

The Lord of Failure is an 'ouch' card, as I said in our first examination of it. It often comes up to mark difficult days where excessive demands are made upon us financially.

As with so many of the tarot cards, the resolution of problems indicated by this card lies in our own hands. Once again, we are reminded that we get back what we put out - so we must re-examine our personal attitudes about finances, material success and security when this card comes up.

If it appears to mark a time where we are in financial difficulties, we must first look at what we're REALLY thinking. Remember, what you put your attention on grow bigger. So, if you're worried about your overdraft, what's going to happen? The overdraft gets bigger, and you continue to feel beleaguered by money problems. So instead you have to, by an effort of deliberate will, put your attention on your income, upon the funds you have available to you. They should then respond to your effort and grow bigger.

I know this sounds too simple to be true, but it's not as easy as it seems. It's hard to surrender the worry and fear that comes with being in money trouble. It's hard to let go of the survival fears that inevitably arise when you're going through a tight patch. So the struggles you go through in giving up those negative thoughts, the attention you must pay to your every waking concern in order to make sure you send positive thoughts into the Universe, these will cost you a lot in terms of self-discipline and determination. It's this effort that will be rewarded by an increase in funds, or a lucky break. Try it and see!!

If, on a day ruled by this card, you have no pressing financial concerns, then for one thing celebrate your current good fortune (best done by passing a little of your wealth to some-one who needs it more), and check over your attitudes to success and failure in a material sense. Make sure nothing sneaky has crept into your head since last you ran a quick assessment. If you find anything, deal with it. And if you don't, make a mental note to run the same check next month!!

The Seven of Disks

Affirmation: "I release my fears and open myself to success."

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