Working with The Five of Disks

All the Fives in the deck are demanding cards - the number five relates to the planet Mars, which can sometimes have a disruptive destructive energy. On the other hand though, Martian power, strength and determination are necessary attributes to break through obstacles and difficulties.

The Lord of Worry is mostly about anxiety around events which threaten our financial or physical security - notice this card indicates the anxiety, rather than the event itself. Often, when we are under the influence of this card, we worry needlessly about situations which have not yet come to pass.

Sometimes, rather than our anxieties being centred on finances, they can revolve around basic family security - whether our partner cares about us, whether things in our home environment are as we would wish them to be. You might find yourself worrying about your children, your parents, your partner.

Anxiety has a nasty habit of creating yet more anxiety. We worry. Because we worry, we become stressed. As the stress level mounts we feel our ability to cope recedes. That makes us feel vulnerable. And then of course we get more anxious.

What is needed here is a method of breaking into the cycle of worry and distress, in order to clear away confusion and get to the heart of things. It often helps, when you feel like this, to write down what you feel worried about. And then you can go over the list deciding what is real, and what imaginary.

Once you've whittled away the phantoms, you will be left with a list of more realistic things. Now cross off all those matters that either you cannot alter, or have not yet made themselves manifest.

Now you have only the real things to worry about left. With a bit of luck, your list should be much much shorter now. Therefore you can direct all the energy you were using to worry into finding workable solutions to your difficulties.

The Five of Disks

Affirmation: "I can deal with my life - it is my most precious possession."

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