Working with The Prince of Cups

This card represents the watery quality of air, and as such brings a very important life principle to our experiences when it rules the day. It teaches us about how to shape our desires into realities, and offers a powerful supportive energy to assist us.

As we've said so often, the things that we wish hardest for, invest most energy into, manifest in our lives. This is why it is so crucial to be vigilant and watchful about the way we're thinking and feeling. If we sink into negativity, and empower that feeling with strong emotions like loneliness, grief or suffering we inadvertently introduce even more negativity into our lives.

Likewise, when we want something strongly enough, and charge that desire with our longing, our hope, our positive energy we will find that thing manifesting for us. This card teaches us how to do to explore our dreams, our desires, our wishes and to propel them into everyday life.

The things we work with can be material, emotional or spiritual - the Prince of Cups works with desire on all levels. All we have to do is wish hard enough. And his energy will help us to achieve our aims.

So on a day ruled by him, select one thing that you really really want, and spend a little time visualising it, imagining what it would feel like to have it, or experience it, and then gather all your strong feelings up into a bundle and push them out into the Universe...

Stay alert, over the four weeks which follow, for signs that you are moving closer to your goal, or have already achieved it. Some things will take longer than others.but as long as you keep your hopes high for that particular wish, it will eventually wing its way back to you.

The Prince of Cups

Affirmation: "I create my life daily and build my future."

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