Working with The Six of Wands

The Lord of Victory is a powerful and happy card, which offers us satisfaction and contentment. We may have had to struggle hard in order to achieve the success this card promises us, but when we achieve this breakthrough, we are well rewarded.

So on a day which is ruled by the Six of Wands, we can feel confident that the things we place our energy on will finally yield to our efforts. Pick things that have been particularly difficult to follow through on, and see whether the energy available today will bring them to completion.

Also remember that, with the Six of Wands, there is a strong element of competitiveness. So when looking for things to work on when ruled by the Lord of Victory, seek out those areas where you see yourself as a contender. And go whole-heartedly after the opportunities offered.

Finally remember to count your blessings - I know I'm forever going on about this one, but it's relevant often with the Tarot - know who you are, know what you've got, and choose where you are going. It'll come up again!!

The Six of Wands

Affirmation: "Success and victory enter my life like welcome friends."

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