Working with The Priestess

The Priestess rules our intuitive faculties. She helps us to see what is really in front of us, rather than seeing what appears to be there. She's a gentle and tranquil influence who can help us develop our inner psychic abilities.

So on her day, the best thing that we can do is practise entering into the silence in order that we can 'hear' our intuition. Spend a little time in quiet contemplation, still the incessant chatter that is part of everyday life, and just let your mind release the things it knows about that you haven't had the opportunity to catch up with recently.

This is something that so many of us don't make time to do often enough. As a result, we miss an enormous amount of information that we pick up through every waking hour, and store automatically. Our ancient ability to read the signs of life still remains, whether we use it or not. But often we can be taken unawares by material that has slipped directly from our intuition directly into the subconscious because we don't spend long enough relating to subliminal messaging.

So, on the Priestess's day, try to remember to be open to the hidden type of message that she is so adept at assessing. Give yourself time to meditate and to listen to yourself. You'll be surprised at what you learn!

The Priestess

Affirmation: "My intuition works like a trustworthy friend."

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