The Magus

The Magician is normally numbered one and is sometimes called the Magus. The Magician is usually depicted as a powerful adept, a master of the four elements. He is able to shift events in his favour - to make the World change around him according to his Will.

He is highly skilled, highly powerful and hence a highly dynamic and charismatic figure. He is that part of us which we harness to control our own lives. When we are the Magician we make what we want happen.

However, you can be sure that we receive exactly what we ask for - "be careful what you pray for, you might just get it"! The Magician knows where to throw the pebble into the pool of the Universe in order to get exactly the ripples he wants. If we choose happiness and joy and put our Will behind them, that is what we can achieve.

The Magus

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