The Twos

Twos are about the one becoming two - joining together with others, becoming involved in partnerships, both of the intimate and platonic variety. It is about the way in which we work in groups, and about sharing warmth and loving feelings with other?

Inherent to the concept of 2s is the idea that the immediacy of the egotistical 1's has been transmuted into a more sharing, caring experience. There's negotiation, compromise and the ability to merge in a 2 number, which doesn't appear at all in 1s.

We see here that the raw energy of the Aces is beginning to shape itself according to the world which surrounds it. Instead of seeing only itself it begins to recognise other outside features of life, and to identify itself with them.

2s are not leaders, they are co-operators. They like to be part of a team, to spread experience over a wider range of people. This is a loving, non-judgmental number, which has a correspondence to the color orange.

Accordingly, the 2s in the Minor Arcana are friendly peacemaking cards, by and large. They talk of harmony, olive branches, rifts healed, reconciliations and allies.

In fact, the most important principle is that of balance. You'll see that these cards are designed to help the querent recover from disruption by instilling harmony and peace into their overall make-up.

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