The Sixes

Six is a lovely number. In numerology it refers to the type of individual who always has time to help other people, who occupies a position of trust and affection in the hearts of those surrounding him, who gains a great deal of satisfaction from giving sympathy and gentleness. These are warm, responsive people, who enjoy their fellow man, and who have a deep compassion for those less fortunate than themselves.

I think you can see simply by looking at the shape of the symbol chosen to represent this number that 6 is a well-rounded and balanced number. This influence is one of harmony and agreement, and applies to the peacemakers among us. It blends differing forces into a coherent balance which offers the best to all concerned.

This number also relates to the recognition of beauty, and love within the self. When we feel the influence of 6s, we begin to come to terms with the perfection that surrounds us. We can see loveliness all about us, and we become more appreciative of the world.

People strongly affected by 6s are thought to be at their best when bringing harmony into manifestation around them. They see pain, confusion or conflict as anathmatic, believing that the only way to enjoy life is to be happy and in harmony with our environment.

You'll remember that 3s were about the completion of a stage. Later on, you will see that 9s are about ultimate completion. 6 lies in the middle point between these two dynamic numbers. It is halfway along the way to ultimate completion, and receives the influences of that which has already been done, and that which is yet to be attained. It is as though the number gathers equal forces from the 3 and from the 9, both coming in opposite directions, to merge together here.

Merging is an important principle connected with 6. It is here that we may expect eventually to achieve a balance between material and spiritual life, blending the two together into a powerful combination which allows us to be masters of our own destiny.

The 6 brings harmony - to situations, to people, to plans, to environments. It is a responsible number, not only willing to bear its own share of the load, but often willing to carry burdens for others. Healing, recovery and reconciliation all belong to the 6 function, but sometimes indicate that the healing has come from a third party.

It is often suggested that the point from which mankind might most effectively live in incarnation is from the centre-point of the 6. From here, he can draw down the spiritual energy and purpose he sees to be his destiny, and transmute it into reality through physical manifestation. He is neither too spaced out whilst reaching for the stars, nor too bogged down to move. He can hear the voice of his own spirit, yet still communicate with his fellow man.

You can see that a natural consequence of such a balanced situation would lead to an optimistic, loving view of life which radiates out and encourages positive reactions from all it touches. When we are influenced by 6's, we can see the beauty, fun and laughter in our world. This is not to say that we fail to see the injustice, suffering and ugliness that also exist. Yet our perception of these does not quench or darken our basic love for our planet and for humanity. Rather, the sight of the negative parts of life simply urges us forward to correct, blend, reconcile and re-balance. 6's bring out the best in us.

After the trauma and challenge presented by the 5s we find here some measure of stability, of success and satisfaction. We can rest a while and count our blessings, mend our wounds and build our strength. And in so doing, we find precious moments to listen to the great total that is life.

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