The Sevens

7 has been held as a magical number for thousands of years by many varied traditions - just a few of the associations which spring to mind when I think of this number are 'lucky' seven, seven spectrum colors in a rainbow, seven original planets used in astrology, the seven veils of existence - and I'm sure you can think of several more.

In esoteric lore, the number 7 has been revered as a symbol of high adepthood. Buddhism sees seven steps of ascension into Godhead. The world was created in seven days, and there are seven days to the week. This is a sacred and deeply honored number, which holds much spiritual significance.

It could be said to be a point of achievement, a major progression in growth. You might be able to see how this concept could grow from the 6, which marked a point at which we are able to complete a second stage, and in so doing, rest and count our blessings. In a way, 7 marks the point at which we recognize for ourselves the inner changes that have taken place, and, with a new self-image, proceed on our journey. We are more aware of our powers and talents, and realistically in tune with our limitations. We may move forward with self-confidence and a basic reliance on our own innate abilities.

You can see that to achieve this state of mind requires certain things of us. In order to rely on ourselves, we must first learn to know ourselves. We must assess, objectively, where our special skills lie. We must learn to appreciate the things that hurt or wound us, as well as the things which make us happy. And then we must learn to regard either of these experiences to be infinitely valuable, and precious to our overall comprehension of our lives.

There is a quote from Rudyard Kipling - 'when we can meet success and failure and treat these imposters both the same'. It is directly attributable to the process promoted by 7s. We must enter within ourselves, and explore the deepest corners of our minds, exorcising all ghosts, laying all formless fears to rest, until eventually we emerge whole and unified, into the light.

7 is a number of wisdom, and relates to the personal growth of understanding and knowledge within the individual. It is under the influence of 7s that we gain insight, sureness and independence. Accordingly, in numerological terms, the 7 force leads us inwards, to explore our capabilities. We are not afraid to be alone, actually enjoying and valuing our own company.

We stop being quite so dependent on others, less ready to respond to outside pressures and expectations. We develop a greater understanding of our own needs and requirements in life, and we become more aware of our opportunity to realize these needs into life. You can see that in some respects, 7 is a differentiation number, like 1; however, with 1, we were evolving an appreciation of our physical isolation, and found ourselves driven to merge with another - in order to become 2. With 7, it is our understanding and perception of our own High Self which is beginning to emerge. We are recognizing our Selves. This is a solitary pursuit, and one which most of us would rather not share until it is complete. We will tend, therefore, to be more conscious of our distance from the rest of humanity for a time. This separation is necessary, in order for us to see our own totality, we must regard it in isolation from the vastness which is life. It is only once we begin to see ourselves properly that we can clearly identify a position and purpose in our existence.

We are analytical in some respects, too, whilst under the influence of 7. Because we are assessing and evaluating, everything tends to come under the microscope. We have powerful intuitive input, which we must learn to trust - but we must also avoid abandonment to intuition, for balance, as always, is important. Our consideration of ourselves must be firmly based in unbiased, assessment, tempered by intuitive understanding.

Interestingly enough, 7 is a number considered to come to maturity in mid-life. This is wisdom born of experience and knowledge - and these both take time to acquire. Mid-life crises are more common in that fateful 50th year of an individual's life than at any other time... and when you are 49 you are 7 x 7. We all change to one degree or another at this point. Our entire orientation alters.

It's interesting to note that people strongly affected by 7s in numerological analysis are often restless and unreliable in their early years, expressing considerable dissatisfaction and uncertainty. This unease is part of the quality of the number. It is only once one has the experience to support one's hypothesis of life that one is able to confirm or disprove theories.

The color attributed to 7 is that of violet, which is much connected with wisdom principles, itself. Here, again, we see the emphasis being given to experience and knowledge tempering theory and concept.

In the Major Arcana, the Chariot corresponds to this number. The Chariot is a card much concerned with matters of triumph, victory and progress. We might feel that the Chariot embodies the principle of overcoming the obstacle of the early life, and ascending to the level of wise council and achievement.

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