The Nines

We have talked before about the number 9. You'll remember that 3 was a number which indicated the completion of a stage; that 6 showed the consolidation of current success whilst planning the next phase; you can see that 9 will be about final, or ultimate, completion. In a mundane sense, therefore it could be said that what we experience when we reach 9 is the eventual manifestation of whatever thought or idea began with the 1.

Trace with me the concept of growing that occurs through numbers - the 1 shows the initial idea or thought; the 2 shows joining that thought into others in order to develop it; the 3 shows achieving a balance or result from that merging; the 4 indicates the next stage of planning; the 5 shows obstacles and difficulties which appear along the way; the 6 shows the triumph over difficulties and the approach to the next stage; the 7 shows initial manifestation - that is the first hint that things are taking shape in the material world; the 8 shows that the circuit between our intellect and our physical life has been completed; the 9 shows the arrival of whatever we were attempting to manifest - and the 10 shows its integration into daily life.

Let's say we are planning a new business enterprise; an idea occurs to us (1), then we try to match up that idea with our current experience and knowledge, to see if we think we could develop it (2). Having weighed our present skills, we decide we could probably make it work (3). So we begin to research the market for our idea, look for suppliers, methods of selling etc. (4). We discover that we'll need permits, premises, contracts (5). We apply for and obtain whatever permission etc. that we need so we're ready to continue (6). After initial obstacles which we have successfully overcome, we make fairly good progress through our plans (7). We reach a stage where the preparatory work is done, and we are almost ready to start up (8). We begin (9). We succeed, hopefully (10).

You can apply this sort of logic to almost any situation in life, taking the pip number to show where you are at any given point in the proceedings. The above example would most easily be applied to Disks. Cups might outline the development of a love affair through the stages we experience - the 5 might mark the point of the first tiff, for instance. With Wands we can see the growth and development of almost anything. With Swords we are thinking primarily of our spiritual development when we see the Suit this way.

So 9 is a number which allows us to see the rewards of our labors. Whatever we have put our attention on is coming to fruition now. Of course, one has to bear in mind all the time that if we started with a negative or unhelpful idea, we can only expect the results to be negative and deleterious to us. However, bearing this in mind, you might understand much more clearly the principle of creating trends today which make tomorrow.

Numerologically, 9 is about the selfless giving of the individual to humanity, with no expectation of reward. Of course this may seem to be a contradiction of the points just discussed. However, given closer examination it becomes apparent that when we give to others of ourselves, or of our possessions, we are manifesting into the world that which we have already acquired - either in a material sense, so that we have an over-abundance, or alternatively in a spiritual sense so that we have achieved a sense of balance and harmony which allows us to give love, strength and energy. This might be regarded as an over-abundance of spirit in that we have sufficient for our needs and are therefore able to give away the excess to others as healing, counseling, caring. You might be able to see that this idea is coherent with the overall principles of the number.

The number 9 corresponds with the color of gold. This is a color much associated with healer/teachers of our world. People often have gold lights in their auras when healing. We associate gold with riches and wealth, and these too are aspects of the number.

People strongly influenced by 9 have idealistic and strongly held views. They tend to be the moralists of our world, setting standards by which the rest of us attempt to live. They are often in positions of leadership, though usually inadvertently. They are sensitive to the feelings of others, and have a deep desire to help, to alleviate and to heal.

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