The Eights

You may recall that fours related to the assessment of completed projects, the appraisal of the querent's progress so far. When you consider that two fours are eight, you begin to get some idea about what the number 8 means in the sense of numerology.

8 is a number that suggests, by its very shape that two cycles or circles have been completed You'll remember that circles are symbols for wholeness and completion. There is a particular symbol that we have come across in our examination of the Major Arcana which looks like a figure eight lying on its side. This is one of the symbols for infinity, and is often known as the Magician's Eight. Most versions of the card the Magician actually show this symbol somewhere. The glyph is taken to indicate the perfect balance of forces which must be maintained in order to create our own reality. If you can accept that what we think makes our future, you might be able to see that the infinity symbol indicates the constant motion and flow that thought-into-action requires. As soon as we begin to think something, it is, at one level, already existent. Then we simply have to await its manifestation into dense reality. Of course, when we think something negative, that too will manifest. And, again, you can see that we have returned to the concept of total responsibility for our own lives.

With 8s we approach a point that is very similar to the appraisal idea inherent to 4s. However here we should see ourselves as having learned sufficient of the basic law of life to be able to apply it with a certain amount of skill and control. So 8 is about the practical application, on a day-to-day basis, of the principles of Tarot - perfect balance, constant monitoring, realistic appraisal and reliable effort. We have 'got the knack' and now it's up to us to apply it properly.

Accordingly, 8s are much concerned with practical matters and the ordinary demands of existence. The number demands hard work and attention to detail, with the underlying theme that, in a working sense, we get basically what we deserve out of life; therefore in order to reap, we must sow. You'll notice that this is an idea that first took hold with the 4's, and which is developed to a higher peak here. The number demands that we master the outer world, learning how to provide our material necessities and allow for some luxury and growth within our environment. You can probably see that this tends to be a positive function for Wands and Discs, but not so beneficial when it come to Cups and Swords, which are much more deeply concerned with emotional and inner facets of life.

From 8s we develop our business skills, executive qualities and ability to organize. We learn to practically apply ideas and concepts, making them into viable and workable additions in our life expectations.

This is an art of living that we all have difficulties with, at times. Some of us are naturally gifted in the area of material management, but others can feel overwhelmed and uncertain when it comes to making the books balance. Because we sometimes have trouble getting the hang of it, 8s also have a tendency to bring single-mindedness and obstinacy when we are learning. We can become blinded to the overall goal or ambition, and get bogged down in irrelevant details failing to see the wood for the trees. It's quite important to bear in mind that it is not the actual monetary reward which brings pleasure from the 8 influence, but the satisfaction of having achieved the success in the first place. You can probably see that when we fail to remember this basic point we can get caught up in chasing money for money's sake, without ever allowing ourselves to feel the great satisfaction of a job well done, a dream well recognized.

Having once conquered the lesson to be had from the number, we find ourselves reliable, diligent and trustworthy, able to manage large projects, steering them towards successful conclusion. 8 is a number much concerned with striving for perfection, particularly in the way that ideas are realized into material existence. The 8 influence drives us onward toward the best representation of whatever we aim for. It is also an inspiring influence for others, too. The 8 influence tends to pull teams together, ensuring harmonious end effective partnerships and working relationships. Somehow, this is a diplomatic number, tending to get the best out of anyone who works with it.

8 corresponds with the color rose pink. The dynamic energy of red has been matured and developed into a powerful blending force which builds up and supports. People strongly influenced by the color are often seen as team-leaders not the ultimate boss, but a valued member of the team. These are the individuals we expect to keep things running according to plan. They chivy, encourage, empathize and nudge forward.

So you can see that 8 is a good number in relation to work, business, ambitions, jobs, etc. However, because it is primarily concerned with realizing into everyday life the things we hope for and plan, it is inimical to the more emotional and sensitive sides of our nature. 8 has little influence on the personal areas of our lives - indeed, in such circumstances it can tend to conflict with it. For instance, the hard work and diligence that goes into building success can deny an individual the time or involvement with his/her home environment, leading to accusations of neglect and deprivation. Equally, from the point of view of the person strongly affected by the number, intimacy can often be regarded as a waste of time and effort - a side issue which distracts from the central theme. You can see, then, that 8 in this circumstance can become a sad and unhappy number.

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