The Aces

The Aces correspond with the number 1. This is considered to be the beginning of anything - first emanation of an idea, an action, a venture. The number 1 contains raw energy and power. There is, as yet, no form of substance to that energy - it is simply the beginning of anything that follows.

1 is considered esoterically as the point where individuation occurs. It is the moment at which the egg is fertilized and new life results, the moment of conception, that brief second where the seed takes root.

In each case, we have already moved away from 1s by the time that growth and development begin to take place and as a result, it is immediate, incredibly powerful and yet completely fresh and new.

You can see, maybe, that the energy in this particular number is very vital and dynamic, but probably slightly uncontrolled and unstable. The number 1 corresponds with the colour red, which is also associated with passion, immediacy and rage.

The Aces, therefore, are raw expressions of the element that they represent. They usually relate to beginnings and starts in one way or another, and always relate to great power and force.

Whenever you get an Ace coming up in a spread, it will indicate sudden movement (often following change and disruption) and usually promises hope and progress.

It must be noted, though that because Aces hold so much power they can tend to overwhelm a spread particularly when, in a larger spread, all four Aces appear.

The Aces are considered to be 'rulers' of the elemental suit they represent, and all other pip cards are seen as developments from the original emanation.

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