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A very thorough and all-encompassing reading

This 56-card spread intensively examines every single area of your life. Each of the groups represents a specific aspect of life, starting with a master card and then defining and analysing that card with each sub-group of seven.

Group 1 represents the very basics of your life - the nuts and bolts foundation upon which you base everything else.
Group 2 examines your fit with the world arounds you - friends, family, home, your overall world view.
Group 3 analyses your working life - progress, goals, ambitions, potentials.
Group 4 analyzes your love life.
Group 5 analyzes your fears and weaknesses, determining which are real and which phantoms, both internally and externally.
Group 6 takes a look at hidden aspects of yourself and your life which often pass unnoticed.
Group 7 examines your highest possible potential in terms of achievement, fulfillment and happiness during the time frame covered by the reading.

The defining cards in the group are as listed below:

1.  Foundation or basis
2.  Current positon
3.  Aspirations, aims, goals - and your chances of fulfilling these
4.  Inner or outer blockages
5.  What to do
6.  Future vision
7.  Potential result

This is another spread requiring a special shuffle. First select the seven cards which act as the master card, and note them 1 - 7, then return all of these to the pack, and shuffle or mix again. Select seven cards to represent Group 1, note them, then return them to the deck. Shuffle or mix and begin again for group 2 and so on until you have all the groups each with a master card and seven cards in the group. It does not matter if a card comes up again and again.

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