Taking care of your cards


How do I look after my cards?

Jan replies:
Purists would tell you that your cards should always be wrapped in a pure natural silk scarf - black is the colour usually recommended. However my cards have never been wrapped in silk and don't seem any the worse for wear. 

However I do go along very strongly with keeping cards wrapped or boxed when not in use. Practically, it keeps them all together, and protects them from spills or other damage. Spiritually, over a period of time a given deck seems to acquire a level of innate energy - this is why new decks can often feel cold and inert... cos at that stage they are. Wrapping them and treating them with respect at all times helps to maintain that level of energy. 

There are some beautiful boxes around now that work very well as 'safe stores' but sometimes you might have to split a pack in half and have two piles. This is fine. As long as they're altogether it doesn't matter how you stack them. 

I don't put my cards back in order after doing a reading. But I do check that there are no inverted cards. When I'm preparing to do a reading for somebody else, before I give them the cards, I sit shuffling them for a few seconds just to clear them off of any influences. After i've done the reading, I shuffle again for a few seconds so the cards are clean when they are put away. 



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