How Does the Card of the Day Work?

"How do you draw the Card of the Day? Is it just for me or for everyone out there? How does it work?"

Jan replies:
I draw the Card of the Day on my private deck. I shuffle for a while and then when I feel the time is right cut the cards and reveal what will be the COTD. In fact the COTD is responsible for about 50% of the Tarot commentary on the site, because we needed content and I could never settle down to write 78 commentaries straight off. So we decided that the best way to do things was for me to cut a card randomly each day and write a commentary on it. This first of all formed the interpretative section of the site and later the more inward looking and self-initatory Working With section.

When we first started doing this and publicising it on the site we received a great deal of feedback from people telling us that with some weird synchronicity either the interpretation of the COTD or the Working With section rang a couple of million bells for people.

We frequently get feedback from people telling us how apt a particular draw is. Whether the COTD is always apt for everybody I don't know. Perhaps you'd like to let us know.

In retrospect and considering the kind of feedback we get I guess I think that the COTD is one of those signposts with which life is littered. Every now and again I hope it turns a light on in a dark corner of somebody's life and helps them to see their path clear.



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