Working with Art

At its highest possible level, Art is a card which marks spiritual transformation - the moment when all of the pieces of understanding we have gathered in our studies fly up, in chaos, into the air. When they land, we shall discover that they have formed a perfect pattern of life and living. This card can, when really well-dignified, signal a massive breakthrough into a totally fresh consciousness. We shall have struggled, fought, grappled for understanding, and maybe suffered more than a little, but all of that effort will become worthwhile and important.

Of course, the number of times that Art's appearance will indicate such a major development are vastly outweighed by the times the card shows more mundane matters arising - but even on the purely material level, this one is the 'Come together' card (suddenly I hear distant strains of Beatles' songs!).

It shows whole areas of life falling into place, and assuming their rightful pattern. Sometimes, it will indicate that a problem finally yields its own resolution. In any matter where this Major Arcana card rules, there will have been a need for patience and for moderate behaviour. Often there has been frustration and a drain on energies - but then along comes Art to indicate that all that caution and care has paid off enormously.

So, on a day where Art rules, we must expect that things will just begin to fall into place. We will probably task better than usual, and therefore make good inroads on our ordinary work. New ways of dealing with things will occur to us. Fresh perspectives will appear. And, as a result, our lives will shift closer to harmony and balance.

We can help all of this along by examining the polarities which exist within us - everything in life comes initially as a polarity. Male-female; dark-light; good-bad; kind-cruel; birth-death. Life emerges as we attempt to shade the space between each pair of opposites with the colours of understanding. The more we learn, the more intense our colours become.

So to recognise the polarities within ourselves is to know ourselves better - and therefore to add to our personal rainbow. What do you love? What do you hate? (Don't say nothing... it is not true!) And in between what is there - like, dislike, have no reaction to... these nuances of response are your living colours. And the more you get to know them, without standing in judgement upon them, the better you know yourself.

On Art's day, expect things to come together. And do a little work on yourself.


Affirmation: "My life shapes itself in a perfect pattern around me."

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