Working with Lust

This card is primarily about having a fascination and enthusiasm with the whole life process - delighting in the moment, observing both your surroundings and yourself on a minute by minute basis, engaging with life to the best of your abilities.

We can often get distracted from taking proper notice of life... if we are worried, busy, stressed, rushed... it becomes all too easy to forget that our very existence is a miracle. We stop noticing beauty or joy... we lose our ability to be both delighted and surprised at life.

And this is a desperate shame, for life can become a constant and ever-changing flow of miracles, excitement and exhilaration. All that is required here is that we agree to allow it... and then pay right attention.

Right attention is a challenging skill to develop, but the effort invested pays enormous dividends once you have practised enough for this to become a habit. It means placing your attention in the moment, and then holding it there. By doing this you become infinitely aware, seeing, hearing and feeling things that would have otherwise slipped by unnoticed.

So... on a day ruled by Lust, we must learn to work at our ability to pay attention to and enjoy life. Try this exercise - it will take about ten minutes (or more if you want it to):

Sit down somewhere comfortably. Smooth and calm your breathing. Now first pay attention to your body... what does it tell you? Once you have attended to its needs, spread your attention out further... deliberately engage one sense at a time. What do you see? Look in minute detail - you know you've got it right when you notice things you didn't know were there before. Now add hearing. What do you hear? Really listen hard... again when you hear things you would not normally register, you're doing well. What do you feel? See this as both a physical 'feel' and an emotional 'feel', then separate the two. What can you taste? How does your mouth feel? What do you smell? Can you unwind the different scents in the air?

Now put all of that together and trying doing all five things at once! When you've mastered that one, you can always throw in the final sense... what are you hearing at the psychic level? What do you feel of the unseen dimension beyond the one in which you now sit.

I expect I'll be needing to draw this card very often to give you chance to get to grips with Right attention... but you have to admit - it's amazing how much information your brain processes that you never even notice, isn't it? And this is happening in your every living moment!!


Affirmation: "I live in and value the moment."

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