Cards of Love

Designed by Laura Tuan and Severino Baraldi

This is an interesting little oracle deck devised to answer those ever-present questions about love. The 33 cards are divided into seven sub-groups of 4 cards. In each group the border colour and characters depicted remain the same, but each relates to a different aspect of love – the red group for example relates to erotic, jealous, passionate and crazy love. The images are quite evocative of the type of love they represent, thus presenting few problems so far as reading are concerned. In addition to these 28 cards there are four more cards which depict archetypal characters such as Arthur and the Queen of Sheba. Finally there is the wild card – Eros (how very appropriate).

The booklet accompanying the cards gives extensive interpretations for singles, and partners, as well as timing guidance and different spreads for using the cards. It also includes instructions for consecrating and conserving the deck.

A couple of throws following the (somewhat complicated) instructions actually gave insightful and quite complex readings, throwing up some unexpected factors that will need further contemplation.

This is an unusual deck which has been thoughtfully tailored to answer those compelling questions about l’amore. A good buy.

Publisher: Lo Scarabeo

Review by Jan

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