El's Grandmother's Chilli


Grandmother's Chilli:

- El

"This recipe was handed down from my mother in LOVE...She got it from her dad, who used it in their many camping trips - both with she and her brother, and then with my husband, now transcended, and his sister. When we married we used it as a family in our camping trips..."


  • 1 large can each of Campbell tomato soup and
    Franco American Spaghetti (16 oz. cans).

  • 1 large onion chopped, cooked and browned, with 1 lb lean ground beef.

  • 1 regular can red kidney beans juice and all.

  • Cumin (not chilli powder) to taste about 1 tablespoon.

Mix all the canned ingredients and cumin, then add cooked meat and onion. Heat and eat. In our family this is ALWAYS served with red jello with marshmallows, cheese cubes and celery sticks. TRADITION you know!

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