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Prince of WandsThe Prince of Wands

The person represented by the Prince of Wands will be an active, energetic person, with a warm and generous heart, and a good sense of humour. He will have a natural and infectious optimism about him, tackling every aspect of his life with enthusiasm and vigour.

He will be friendly, gregarious and open in his attitudes, possessed with a very healthy sense of his own value, but also supportive and encouraging to others. You'll often come across him in working areas where healing, encouragement and development are involved.

The apparently easy-going happy-go lucky exterior conceals a deeply rooted moral sense. At his best he typifies the 'shining white knight' principle - always ready to stand up for what is right, and good; willing to fight to protect those who are more vulnerable than himself.

If the card comes up to indicate an inner response, rather than an actual person, it will signify rising confidence levels, and a positive attitude to life. This card is often the result of overcoming fears and surmounting obstacles which have previously hindered us, or held us back.

Working with the Prince of Wands

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