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Eight of WandsThe Eight of Wands

The Lord of Swiftness is a bright active card which comes up to mark periods of rapid, clear communication. This card will often represent the type of cathartic discussion which resolves misunderstanding and ends confusion. When passing through an event which is sign-posted by the 8 of Wands, there's often a feeling of quick-moving energy, and a sense that obstacles are being swept out of your path.

There's an important aspect of this card that is often overlooked - its spiritual interpretation. It can indicate the kind of direct divine instructions that causes a complete transformation - like a bolt of celestial power striking and infusing you. It provokes a sudden opening of the ways, a new level of understanding and spiritual expansion. Look for cards like the Star, The Priestess or the Hierophant close by in order to identify this not-to-be-missed effect!

The 8 of Wands always brings a new surge of energy and freshness when it appears. And it often signals entry into a new phase or project, which stands a good chance of success. Confirm with good Disk cards nearby, or Fortune. This is a happy and generous card, promising a progressive phase which may herald success and satisfaction.

The nicest aspect of the Lord of Swiftness is the part which indicates rewarding communication where old enmities can be resolved, where we can blow away the cobwebs from our pain, and heal old wounds. Those thorny situations where somebody gets hold of the wrong end of the stick and takes offence will often yield to the clarity this card brings in.

There's just one warning - well didn't there have to be? This is big bursting energy. It's as well to keep your balance firmly in the centre of your being. That way you won't get swept away by it!

Working with the Eight of Wands

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