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Seven of WandsThe Seven of Wands

The Lord of Valour can best be summed up by the phrase 'feel the fear and do it anyway'. It is a card about encountering demanding and formidable situations in life, and having the courage to be true to your own desires, ambitions and needs.

Life is full of challenges. And sometimes we find it difficult to seize the moment, grasp our opportunities and live life to the full. The 7 of Wands comes up to indicate that you are facing one of those momentous happenings in life, and advises you to believe in yourself, grab your courage in both hands and go forward.

This will not only apply to difficult things - it can also point out to you that there is an opportunity to make your wildest dream come true, if only you will throw caution to the winds and dive right in!

The Lord of Valour is an exciting card, but when it comes up you will probably also feel a bit apprehensive. Don't let caution dampen your enthusiasm. Go ahead! Fight for what you want. If you do, you'll stand a good chance of getting it.

Because Wands are a suit much concerned (at their deepest level) with the ethics of right living, there is another instance when this card might show in a reading. That is when you find yourself in a position where you are forced to fight for what you believe in. Whilst sometimes reluctant to take up the fight, you will feel compelled to stand up and be counted. Identify this aspect if you have the Aeon (the Last Judgement) or Adjustment (Justice) coming up. Often, if we acquit ourselves well in times like these, we will achieve major progress in our own spiritual journey.

And remember - there's no courage without fear. If you don't feel fearful, courage is not required!!

Working with the Seven of Wands

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