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Four of WandsThe Four of Wands

The Lord of Completion marks a point where a circle has been completed. It can apply to work projects, personal situations - even phases of life. In some respects it's like a lesser reflection of the Universe, the final Major Arcana card.

Another aspect of the 4 of Wands associate it with the Major Arcanum of Adjustment, or Justice. This is because this Wand indicates the manifestation of balanced forces, resulting in the fulfilment of earlier hopes, ideas and dreams. The balance aspect, combined with the overall morality of Wands, brings us to think about injustice being resolved, inequity acknowledged and set right.

This is a good card, promising not only the sense of natural satisfaction which arises when we follow our ideas through to their logical conclusion, but also the opportunity to start new things off.

If we stop when we have achieved a goal along the way, we begin to stagnate. We need to take the sense of contentment and channel it into the stage on our journey - that way we continually grow.

Working with the Four of Wands

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