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The Tarot of the Trance

Designed by Eva Maria Nitsche.

If you like modern art you will enjoy this highly colourful image-rich deck (I have to say I don't like modern art!). The images take relatively traditional symbols from the tarot and present them in highly stylised primitive artform. They are colour-rich and quite busy cards which I did not find particularly evocative. However, if you enjoy this style of art I dare say you would find the deck provocative and interesting.

The designer says "The Tarot of the Trance deck was created during a trance state. On this absorbed conscious level of the imagination, I encountered an entire submerged world of forms and figures, full of symbolism and wisdom."

I would suggest that this deck is an intermediate to advanced example of Tarot. The booklet is more comprehensive than most, offering an image for meditation connected to each of the Major Arcana cards, a brief mention (far too brief in my opinion) on how to put yourself into a light trance, and comprehensive definitions for the cards. Courts go Princess, Knight, Queen, King and there is the almost inevitable Celtic Cross spread included.

Review by Jan


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