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The Thoth Deck

"Dear Angel Paths, What type of Tarot deck are you reading from?" Copperbutterfly

Thoth! The Thoth deck was designed to match Aleister Crowley's vision of the cards, as received intuitively during the time period where he also received the Book of the Law and the Liber formats. The artwork was executed by Lady Freida Harris.

From a personal perspective I find the Thoth deck the most inspiring and symbolically correct of all decks I have seen. Every card has an extensive wealth of imaginal and occult material contained within it, which acts to retrieve the half-forgotten wisdom which resides within our psyche. This deck also grants us access to the realms of universal knowledge which are a wellspring of wisdom, retrieved by light workers across the aeons.

This is the deck we use throughout the site.

Review by Jan


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