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The Spirit of Flowers Tarot

Concept by Laura Tuan, and artwork by Antonella Castelli.

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This is another offering from the Lo Scarabeo stable, concept by Laura Tuan, and artwork by Antonella Castelli. The deck uses the language of flowers to convey the different concepts of the cards. Each card shows a beautifully painted flower, along with fairies and elves.

The Hanged ChildThe artwork is delicate, and pastel colours prevail here. Each image looks as though it was originally created as a watercolour. The actual design of each card roughly follows the Rider Waite pattern, though heavily interlaced with sweet faced cherubs. This said, I would not regard this as a beginner’s deck – you need a pre-existing understanding of the Tarot to be able to make the associations required to interpret the cards.

For example the Hanged Child presents us with a gleefully excited female fairy hanging upside down from a beautifully depicted poppy flower….not exactly likely to convey a sense of sacrifice and surrender - more likely to suggest having an excellent time!!

Because of the flower/fairy theme throughout the suits do not have actual cups, swords, pentacles or wands….instead each of the suits is colour coded against the Elemental attribution. Thus the Chalices comprise primarily of blues and violets, the pentacles are green and gold, wands are primarily reds and pink, and the swords are white.

The Seven of SwordsInterpretations rely heavily on the meaning of specific flowers, which I found quite interesting – those poppies indicate regret over a committed error according to the booklet. The spread given is the Corolla – an interesting self-examination spread.

If you like decks in the Hanson Roberts genre I think you will probably like this one too. The artwork is exquisitely delicate, and the deck is a very pretty one.

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Review by Jan

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