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The Sacred Circle Tarot

Here are your reviews of this deck:

Kristine (20/10/2000) says:
I absolutely love the Sacred Circle Tarot Deck. The cards are large, and I have small hands, so this sometimes poses a problem, but as I relate to these cards through my ethnic background, I have become very in tune with this deck. When I purchased them, (they were my first deck) I took many trips to the store and much thought before making my purchase. These cards seem to speak to me. They are very accurate to my needs and those of my family. The art work is magnificent, and I find the descriptions easy to understand and become a part of. I hope anyone who has the desire to use this deck will have the positive experiences that I have. I have recently had 2 deaths in my family, one was very close to me, these cards have helped me to keep in touch, and remind me of how fragile life can be. The cards are thought provoking, and make a person realize that they're not alone in this big universe. Happy readings to all. Kristine


Ellen (10/10/200) says:
" Hi all, Look forward to your daily newsletter and enjoy your site immensely. I bought the Sacred Circle deck back in the Spring. The pictures are quite beautiful, based on pagan Celtic imagery and symbolism. The book that accompanies the deck is a must have, unless you know the mythology very well. Some of the names of the Majors have been changed which doesn't bother me, but a few of the majors have been switched around in number which is a bit confusing if you count on numerology in your readings (no pun intended).

For example, instead of Temperance/Art as number 14, we have The Underworld. The Tower becomes #15 and #16 is Initiation, which is their interpretation of Temperance.

This is a very slippery deck - very glossy, coated stock - and a bit large for my hands. The edges are printed in black, so expect white marks to show through quickly, as mine has.

Hope this has been of help!" Ellen


From Christie (10/10/2000):
"Hi folks. I use the Sacred Circle deck the most here lately. The cards are a little larger than most decks so that took a little to get used to, but after becoming comfortable with the size, the deck itself just seemed to "sing" to me.

I get consistently accurate readings from these cards. They seem to be able to work best for me when I am doing readings for others instead of myself. LOL, but I've always had difficulty reading for myself so that may or may not be an issue.

A few of the major differences between the Sacred Circle deck and more traditional ones is that instead of the Magician card, this deck has a Shaman and the Death card has been replaced with the Underworld. Also, the Strength card has been replaced with the Warrior.

The artwork on these cards is fabulous. They've combined actual photographs with computer generated artwork and also traditional artwork on each card. This makes for some very interesting study as you apply your knowledge of the traditional cards with the archetypes that these new cards bring forward.

All in all, I love this deck. I prefer to use it over any other that I presently own. Blessings to you all, Christie



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