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The Major Arcana are profoundly symbolic and each card offers almost endless opportunities for study and interpretation on many levels. Seen separately, each card teaches us about a different part of our life. Combined, they present us with a complete view of the Universe.

There are 22 Major Arcana - the same as the number of letters in the Hebrew alphabet and the same as the number of paths on the Tree of Life. This Tree of Life is one representation of the secrets of divine truth and is part of the Quabbalah (or Cabala).

To learn more about each of the cards, click on each of the thumbnail images below:
The Fool The Magus The High Priestess The Empress The Emperor The Hierophant
0 The Fool I The Magus II The Priestess III The Empress IV The Emperor V The Hierophant
The Lovers The Chariot Adjustment (or Justice) The Hermit The Wheel of Fortune Lust (or Strength)
VI The Lovers VII The Chariot VIII Adjustment IX The Hermit X Fortune XI Lust / Strength
The Hanged Man Death Art (or Temperance) The Devil The Tower The Star
XII The Hanged Man XIII Death XIV Art XV The Devil XVI The Tower XVII The Star
The Moon The Sun The Aeon (or Judgement) The Universe (or World)    
XVIII The Moon XIX The Sun XX The Aeon XXI The Universe    

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