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The Tarot of Love

Princess of Nuggets.Designed by Marcia Perry

See pictures of every single card in this deck.

Instruction booklet written by Wulfing von Rohr & Gayan S. Winter

This is an interesting deck - though definitely not one for beginners. The entire design and handbook are geared to the concept that this is a pack for lovers, relationships and emotional needs and feelings. You'd need a solid grounding in a less focused tarot deck before moving on to this one.

The cards themselves feature a simplistic design style, with an excellent use of colour. There are certain repeating themes used on several of the cards - cranes (the birds ;-) represent the human soul; rainbows indicate divine energy; flowers and blossoms symbolise growth and so on. These common themes are explained to a small degree in the accompanying booklet, and expanded upon in the book of the deck "The Tarot of Love"

Transformation.One of my favourite cards in the deck is the 2 of Rods (Wands) which shows two crystal headed wands pointing toward each other, against a pale night sky. Where they have traced power patterns in the air a rainbow trail marks their passage, each of the trails is shaped into half a yinyang symbol.

There's quite a journey away from traditional names for the cards as well.for instance, the Devil becomes Entanglement, and the Tower becomes Lightning. Disks/Pentacles are Nuggets, Cups are Blossoms, and Swords are Lightnings. Courts run King/Queen/Prince/Princess.

Whilst the illustrations are generally attractive, I don't think they are necessarily immediately evocative, which would tend to prove another problem for anyone not familiar with a more traditional deck design to begin with.

The interpretations in the booklet are heavily slanted toward emotional issues.for instance one of the definitions of the 6 of Lightnings (Lord of Science) reads "Being certain of the relationship's mesh"...

In fact one criticism I do have to make of the instruction booklet is that, although coverage of the Major Arcana is pretty comprehensive and thorough, the definitions on the pips is disappointing and a little misleading at times. For example the 3 of Lightnings (Lord of Sorrow) is defined as "Flaming passion" Er..? Apparently there are deeper definitions in the book already mentioned.but I haven't got that so I can't review it ;-)

Nine of Lightning.This said, though, given an existing knowledge of standard definitions, the more experienced reader will probably gain a fresh insight into some cards by working this deck.

There are some unusual spreads at the back of the booklet too, including one specially designed for this deck - the Star of Love. I tried this spread and found it quite useful...it's geared entirely to answering questions about love and relationships, and the result of the reading was pretty clear and well-defined.

All in all this is definitely a Tarot deck worth looking into, especially if you find yourself asking a lot of relationship/love/emotion based questions. The definitions on most of the cards have a positive slant, with a lot of helpful suggestions for making the best of situations as you find yourself in them.

Nice deck!!

Review by Jan.

See pictures of every single card in this deck.


"I think these cards are beautiful, and inspiring, very informative on a subliminal level, even the not so nice ones are nice....... lovely" Jeanietee


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