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The Goddess Tarot Deck
Created by Kris Waldherr
Review by Jeanette Elaine Dubois
15th August 2002

I didn't notice this particular deck mentioned on your site (by the way, just came across it while trying to learn more about reading Tarot and in particular the Thoth deck, thank you, it is a very well-done site and has been helpful to me already). [We've added this deck now!]

The Goddess Tarot deck is a beautiful deck I highly recommend you look into. You can buy just the deck with the small guide book included, or some shops also include a larger workbook which have more detailed explanations for each card, as well as exercises you can do to "get to know" your deck better and learn to work with it more. Both the smaller book and the large workbook have several types of spreads in the back (starting with the Celtic Cross, but also including things like the 4-card spread) - though the workbook actually has more than the small handbook, some which I'd never seen before. It also gives more detailed explanations in how to work with the spreads, and it has pages for you to write down your spreads and what you've learned with them as you go, complete with spaces set up in the layout of the card spread where you can write down what each card is in that spread for future reference. Very interesting and helpful.

The cards themselves are just beautiful, done by an artist with extensive use of colors and symbolism. The Major Arcana are represented by different Goddesses (hence the name "Goddess Tarot"). For instance, Card I, the Magician, is Isis in this deck. In the description the author of this deck explains why each particular goddess represents that card, and how it symbolizes into your life. There is no "death" card here, but is instead represented by a Japanese goddess who symbolizes Transformation and this is the title of that card. I like this, for I too do not see death as an ending, but simply as a transformation into something else. The explanations for all the cards in the deck, not just the Major Arcana but the Minors as well, are very detailed, which I also like.

The other thing to note is that the Minor suits are represented by four different cultures - thereby honoring the gods and goddesses as represented by different areas of the world. I like this, for I like variety, and I embrace the cultures of the world and feel we are all in fact in tune with one another, coming from the same source. The other difference in the Minor cards is the fact that the Royalty cards are represented as Prince, Princess, King, and Queen, with Queen as the highest card. Being a goddess deck, I can see why this is, but I have to admit as a woman I get rather a kick out of this -and out of the fact there are two representations of women here (Queen and Princess) instead of one.

Overall, this is a very positive deck. It is my first "real" Tarot deck, though the first Tarot deck I bought and began to use was actually the Angels deck - but it is not a strict and traditional Tarot deck. When I first looked for a deck of my own (having used a friends with her permission for awhile to learn on - the Rider-Waite) I was very drawn to this deck, but uncertain of what I should buy, I went the safe route and got the Angel cards instead (which have also served me well and are a very nice compliment to any Tarot deck- I recommend them). The next time I went out to buy, I was again strongly drawn to this deck, and now I see why. As a woman, it is a very empowering deck, and as I said, a very positive one. That is not to say it sugarcoats things - there are negative aspects discussed as much as positive, just as in life there is both negative and positive. But it is the way in which it is presented - so as not to make you lose hope, but instead dig in and work to change what is going on, or to find a solution, or whatever. As the author of this deck reminds us, the point of Tarot is not to be THE answer to everything, but to be used as a guide to help you figure out what you need to do or change in order to go the right direction and then stay on the course, as it were.

Anyway, there is my review of this deck.


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