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Princess of SwordsThe Princess of Swords

Like the other Sword people, the Princess of Swords is intellectually inclined, perceptive and intuitive. She is, again, a keen observer, who brings clarity and insight to situations in which she is involved. She is a forceful and self-determining young woman who ill-tolerates injustice, weakness and manipulation. She is probably not as secretive nor as hidden as some of the other Sword people - in fact, she tends to express her insight quite forcibly at times.

She has the same qualities as a keen observer of life, and people, that we see in the other Sword Courts. She's also a skilled arbitrator, having extensive negotiating skills and a ruthless cutting edge.

This card is another of those that has quite a bad reputation with some Tarot commentators - maybe because of her tendency to tell things as she sees them regardless of the consequences. Yet, unless she is badly dignified, the woman represented by this card will usually be honest, and frank.

She cuts away the blubber that often surrounds difficult emotional matters, and gets to the heart of things quickly and effectively. Generally she is objective and rational in her approach to life.

When this card comes up to represent a change of mood, however, we see the darker sides of the Princess emerging. Then we are looking at a woman who is angry, emotionally distressed and probably feeling vicious. She may then be spiteful and unkind, even heartless. Somebody in this kind of mood is often cruel, regularly seeking revenge, and looking for trouble.

Working with the Princess of Swords

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