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Knight of SwordsThe Knight of Swords

This card brings in a swift, bright energy which clears our heads, allowing us to see right the way to the heart of things, undistracted by clutter or red herrings. Here we can 'cut to the chase' so to speak, avoiding any of the tempting, but wasteful, side issues that may come up around important issues.

If you flow well with this energy, you'll finding yourself thinking quickly and clearly, finding unexpected solutions to apparently intractable problems. Matters which had, until now, refused to yield their solutions, will suddenly start willingly spitting them out, so you can clear several obstacles from your path on a day ruled by the Knight of Swords.

Intuition plays quite a strong role here, too, as you move into closer touch with your psychic ability, thereby accessing answers to awkward questions which you had before felt frustrated by.

Accordingly, on a day ruled by the Knight of Swords, pick out the things which have been giving you headaches in the last little while. Spend a little time (not too much) considering the apparent obstacles and difficulties of the problem. Then forget it! At some point during the day, a solution should quite simply pop into your head. Also keep a close watch on your dreams overnight - these may contain the answers you seek. You can probably get away with dealing with two medium serious problems - but if you have one BIG one, only concentrate on that.

Also be alert to messages and hints coming through the normal patterns of life. Sometimes you'll get explanations from the most unexpected sources.

Affirmation: Every problem contains the seed of its own resolution.

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