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7 card

Cards:   1)III  The Empress  2)XI Strength/Lust    3)XVIII The Star  4)XIX The Sun   5)Ace of Cups   6)9 of Cups   7)9 of Pentacles    

What a fantastic reading!!   These are terrific cards Jodie - I think you’re in for a really happy and fulfilling period in your life.   

It seems to me that you must recently have been emerging from a very trying and difficult time where your emotions have been stretched quite badly.   However, over this last little while you should have notice more positive energy flowing through your life.  The old issues are resolving and you can feel more hopeful now about the future.

There’s a sense of new energy, and healing here, and an observation that you need to pay close attention to the basic details of life, and ensure you enjoy every minute.   Soon you move under the influence of the Star.   This card is probably the best in the entire deck, bringing in great opportunities and giving you the reassurance that your hopes and dreams can be fulfilled.    I’m sure you’ll achieve major and important breakthroughs now in areas which have been a bit stubborn in the past.

The Sun encourages you to use this time to shoot for the stars.   Don’t be afraid to go after anything that seems important to you now.    You stand a remarkably good chance of getting even t he things that might seem impossible.

Your important relationships will begin to undergo a crucial transformation soon.   There is one particular personal relationship that you’ve had quite a few doubts about in recent months - this one will be profoundly and positively affected by the new energies running through your life.   Expect to see several steps forward in lots of different contacts you have during this period.   Also expect new friendships to develop - two of these will be very deep and meaningful as time goes by.

The 9 of Cups sitting on your ‘hopes and fears’ position re-iterates the instructions from the Sun card - don’t be afraid to go after anything that really matters to you now.   You’ll gather far more rewards than you had thought possible.   Remember the Lord of Happiness is the ‘wish’ card - it helps you to realise your biggest desires.

Finally with the 9 of Pentacles up on the final result position, you can feel confident that your material and everyday position will strengthen and consolidate, bringing in a deep-rooted sense of security and contentment.

See - I said it was a terrific set  of cards!!  Enjoy!

Reading by jan@angelpaths.com


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