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7 card

Cards:  1)Queen Pentacles   2)Prince Swords   3)3 Clubs  4)Ace Pentacles  5)5 Clubs  6)!0 Cups  7)8 Swords   

As a quick answer to your question, Sherri, I’d say this job isn’t the one for you - there are some clear indications that there is something not quite kosher about this position you’ve been offered.    Can’t quite put my finger on what…..but let me get into the body of the reading…..it might clarify.

Recently you seem to have been fairly stable in a material sense but there’s an implication of ….. boredom, perhaps…a need for a new challenge.    I think some of the basic structures of your life must have changed quite a bit in recent months.    From these changes has arisen a restless feeling.

I don’t think the Prince of Swords represents a person….I think it represents a need to cut yourself loose of limitations, and open out  your life…again the restlessness.   You seem able now to see things more clearly than you have for a while.  You know what you need, now, and you’re struggling to establish it.

This job seems to be something of a compromise against the ideas you had before….it isn’t precisely what you had seen yourself doing.   I think that’s part of the problem.    Also, as I said earlier I have a certain unease about whether this situation is exactly what it appears to be….there’s something not quite right here…..

So, in the imminent future, don’t make any compromises around your working situation.   Sit tight where you are for just a little while longer and a job which is much more closely allied to your original thoughts and ideas will come along fairly shortly (I’d guess within the next six weeks…)

I know this might cause a bit of immediate frustration, but hanging on a little while will lead you to be much more satisfied and contented in the long run.  

From the small amount I can get of the more promising job, it seems somehow to be connected with the media or entertainment industry.    You’ll initially be using familiar skills, but there will be opportunities for extensive training.   The working environment feels fast-moving and interesting, though also quite stressful at times, so you’ll need to get your adrenaline running well!!!

BTW, the unease I feel about this first job feels like you could figure out what’s making me uncomfy if you looked a little harder at the overall set-up.  Do a bit of investigating if you can…..that’ll help you confirm the reading.

Take lots of care, and be happy!!

Reading by Jan


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