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7 card

Cards:  1)) The Fool    2) XII The Hanged Man   3) XX The Aeon   4) 5 of Wands  5) 6 of Wands  6) 8 Wands  7) 4 of Disks

Recently you have taken a major step forward in life, changing many things along the way.  There seems to have been some risk involved in the actions you took here, and a sense of adventure.

However right at the moment I think things are looking a bit uncertain.  You seem doubtful about whether the things you have done are the best steps you could have taken, and there’s some concern that you might have made a mistake, or perhaps acted rashly.       Certain there is a degree of worry and lack of movement just now.

However very soon you will come to a turning point, where important decisions have to be made - probably not by you, but by somebody close to you.   This is rather like reaching a cross-roads and knowing, from past experience where most of the options lead.  As a result the decision that is taken here will take a  fresh direction.

At the moment it seems that you feel quite blocked and unable to make choices.   There’s probably a bit of procrastination and a lack of self trust.   But as soon as these decisions have been made you’ll find yourself feeling much more hopeful and optimistic about the future.

With card 5 we see you beginning to achieve (again with the influence of some outside source) a lot of the things you had looked forward to with the very first card of your reading.   The 6 of Wands is Lord of Victory, and often indicates sudden unexpected breakthroughs in areas which had previously been difficult to deal with.

Make sure that people around you are clear where you stand in this new situation - put across your point of view clearly, and refuse to make any compromises.   You can achieve exactly what you set out to do.

The final result card sees you secure, and settling into a safe, reliable domestic environment, which  promises ease, fulfilment and contentment.   So - stick to your plans, don’t despair, and wait for the break in the clouds which will come very soon, bringing with it exactly what you had hoped for all along!

Reading by Jan


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