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7 card

Cards:   1) 7 of Coins  2) Ace of Cups  3) King of Coins (reversed)  4) 8 of Swords  5) King of Wands   6) Force   7) The Lovers (reversed)

It looks as though you have been through a very pressured time, particularly materially, over the last few months.   There appears to have been conflict with a male whose actions have been quite negative so far as you’re concerned.   There’s a sense here of having a lot of problem being able to finish up the details on matters which have been hanging on for some time.

However very recently you have made a new friendship, which promises quite a lot of good fun and happiness, and this is tending to occupy your mind quite a lot.  There’s a feeling here of needing to move forward into the next phase of your life, and some frustration at not being able to resolve older issues.

In the immediate future the man with whom you have had conflict will prove somewhat more difficult to deal with than he had before.   This could lead you to feeling more frustrated and negative than now.... and possibly make you feel that some action MUST be taken.   However, I think in this matter you would be better served standing back and allowing the situation to develop on its own.  

There’s a sense here that you are waiting for external events to fall into place which will make the resolution of this problem much more simple and trouble-free...I suggest you wait for this to happen.

In the meantime, the King of Wands is proving to be an interesting and enjoyable contact.  He’s honest, reliable and exhilarating.  His influence becomes stronger and more important as the reading progresses.

Be willing to sit back and let things fall into place around you - some things work themselves through better without pressure being applied.   In the meantime try not to let yourself become doubtful or worried about the situation around you.

You have already taken all necessary steps - there’s nothing more for you to do except move smoothly forward and refuse to allow your equilibrium and growing happiness to be interfered with by anything else.   I think you probably(from the time of reading) will find that issues are satisfactorily resolved in about six weeks.   From there on in, you should find life being much more gentle with you for a good while.   Best of luck!

Reading by Jan


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